Boosting Self Confidence and Learning to Love Yourself

People face many different problems in life. Everyday, humans are subject to a number of different sources of adversity, from the critical need to make enough money to the efforts of others who might try to bring sabotage your success. These issues are complicated and trying, but we are generally able to find an answer that will allow us to find triumph in the end.

confidence indicator dial index and boost button over a dark background. Illustration of self-confidence or esteemBut what happens if the adversity is emanating from your own mind? For those who suffer from low self confidence, every day is a battle with the malignant parts of your brain. Each action is made harder by constant self criticism, each victory made less sweet by the conviction that you don’t deserve to have good things. Over time, these pathological sources of undeserved negativity can become a second nature, so difficult to tell from your objective and rational thoughts that you become convinced that the bad things you say about yourself are real.

Of course, this is not really the case. The negative self perceptions in those with low self esteem are largely illusions, fictional constructions with no basis in reality. In these cases, boosting self confidence is a simple matter of reaffirming that these negative voices in your head are not speaking the truth. Here are some strategies for convincing yourself that your low self confidence is undeserved.

Look at Your Achievements

Anyone with low self esteem knows that the mind can twist anything in a way that makes it seem like it reflects badly upon yourself. Still, it can be helpful to keep in mind all of the things you have accomplished.

These things can by anything from successfully earning a degree to having a good relationship with your parents. Keep in mind that there are people who want the same things that you have. By keeping an enumerated list of your achievements, you’ll have something to push back with when your mind tells you that you’re not good enough.

Talk to Someone

In many circumstances, our own minds are our worst enemies. By opening up to a close friend or family member, you will be able to get an objective opinion on whether your worries and anxieties are valid or not. You will find that a lot of the time, what you are stressing about is no big deal at all.

Talking to others can also help you in boosting self confidence because it allows you to learn about the problems others face. A lot of the time, you will learn that other people have similar issues, which can make you feel less isolated.

Join a Club

There are a number of organizations specifically dedicated to teaching those with low self confidence to stop doubting themselves. A great example of such an organization is the Toastmasters International, which helps those with social anxiety to learn how to speak in public confidently and eloquently. Following a program can help you get on the fast track to feeling better about yourself and what you do, which is all important for your personal happiness.